Keeping up-to-date

On the GitHub repository, Neper’s official releases are available under the release tab. All official releases are tagged and available from the main branch. Neper is under continuous development, and we push new commits to the devel branch almost everyday.

Make sure to watch the GitHub repository to be notified of new releases (or conversations, etc.). If you do not have a GitHub account, you will need to create one, which is a matter of minutes.

Getting Support

Neper users should preferably report bugs directly to the GitHub issue tracker. When reporting bugs, please help us helping you by providing a minimal working example (see general guidelines there or there).

Neper also has two dedicated mailing lists (but the GitHub issue tracker should be preferred): neper-announce and neper-users.

Neper users are also welcome to join the #neper IRC channel (on the freenode IRC network) to share their experience and help each other. To join the channel, you need to use an IRC client to connect to the freenode IRC network, such as Hexchat, XChat and others. On the freenode IRC network, you need to register your account (or nick), which is a matter of minutes. You can also use the freenode web chat so you do not have to install any IRC client nor register a nick (sufficient if you are simply passing).


Contributions to Neper are more than welcome and should be submitted as pull requests on the GitHub repository.